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Niels Ulrik Gajhede

My name is Niels Ulrik Gajhede and I am a 33-year-old multi-talented developer.

I am currently open to work.
– and work on my Indie game Mysteries in Orthoxis in my spare time.

My combined experience is a mixture of a lot of after hour projects, work experience and education. Since childhood, I have had a great passion for creating and designing and I have rarely had a period in my life without a project in the works. I love to work on projects where I can carry my passion with me and work with people where projects can grow beyond just my ideas and capabilities.

Niels is a happy and outgoing colleague who fits in well in virtually all social contexts, and he was therefore also very well-liked among his colleagues on the team. – Morten Christensen, Tech Lead at IT-Minds

Education-wise I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a 4-year graphical design education from NEXT in Copenhagen. When I studied as a graphic designer I chose the digital electives which harmonize well with my Computer Science degree. As I thereby have a lot of experience with subjects often omitted from the Computer Science projects at AAU due to time constraints.

Below in the next section, I have made 3 presentations of the skills I have found most relevant for a future employer.

For more information, write me a mail at

I will also gladly show my recommendations in their entirety, game code and send a demo of my game for inspection of my skills. Find more information about my game at